01 January, 2007

Favorite Book of 2006

I'd like to share some of the art books that I've been reading. I bought this gem at the MoMA bookstore when I went through NYC in May-June of this year. It is: Abstract Expressionism, by Barbara Hess. See: TASCHEN.

Abstract Expressionism, or the New York School, has been an influence on my own art, via that of artist Wolf Kahn. Kahn, currently enjoys "rock star" status in the world of art patronage.

Kahn sat under Hans Hoffman, who was a full-fledged member of the movement that first brought Americans to the forefront of the art world. Abstract Expressionism, which was peopled by such artists as Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and Willem de Kooning, was unique in a way because the adherents were strung together socially in NYC in the forties and fifties. Kahn is recognized as a member of the latter New York School, since the apex of his fame comes after the "closed" period that produced the original school.

Bonus Question: Which Oscar-winning actor's late father was a member of the "New York School"? See tomorrow's post for the answer.

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