19 February, 2017

White Nude

454/1. 2017. Graphite, Pastel, Dry Ground, Charcoal, and Spray Acrylic Varnish, on Brown Paper Rubbed with Pumice Powder. 8.25" x 6.25." Casey Klahn.

30 January, 2017

24 January, 2017

AKA Madonna and Child

2 Apples on an Irregular Platter. 2017. Pastel, Dry Ground & Graphite. 11" x 8." Casey Klahn.

15 December, 2016

Winterscape 2016

Winter Temperatures. 2016. Pastel on Sketch Paper. @10" x 10." Casey Klahn.

14 December, 2016

Mountain Drawing

Crags and Chute. 2016 
Carbon Pencil & Pastel 
@8" x 11" 
Casey Klahn

12 December, 2016

In the Bleak Midwinter

These Cello Advent dailies you may follow on your own at You Tube, from Kjell Magne Robak, who is a Norwegian Cellist. I post this one because it's traditional here at The Colorist to post In the Bleak Midwinter at Christmastime.


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