14 March, 2019


Female Nude Standing with Arms Up and Behind Head. 2019. Pastel, Vine Charcoal, Dry Ground & Spray Acrylic Varnish on Old Master's Paper. 18.5" x 12". Casey Klahn.

As I approach a hundred figure drawings on my 200 figures project, I have been culling the worst of them. I actually have done well over the hundred, but rejected before finished, or else after looking at them on Pinterest, I scratched my head, and deleting them. This is a fresh look at one of the rejects, and what I did was go to Edgar Degas for certain body parts as reference material.
Some artists don't like Degas, but for me he is the top of the heap. As it turns out, I did not copy the body part, but got his attitude; his mojo. Maybe I should've titled this one "Mojo."

You can see my 200 figures progress on Pinterest.

13 March, 2019

Italian Doorway

The Door on the Anvil. 2019. Pastel. 11" x 9". Casey Klahn.

Stroncone, Umbria. Italy.

07 March, 2019

Blue Artist's Wife

1913. 2019. Pastel, Dry Ground, Oil & Vine Charcoal on La Carte. 15" x 12". Casey Klahn.

13 February, 2019

Jean Puy

Naked in an armchair. 1910. Oil and pastel on paper. 23.58 inch - 31.89 inch. Jean Puy.

Jean Puy was a Fauvist and a contemporary of Henri Matisse. On Facebook, I have written a response to 4 of his pastel figure works, dated 1904-1944.

06 December, 2018

China Blue Vase

China Blue Vase with Roses. 2018. Pastel. 15.75" x 12". Casey Klahn.

19 November, 2018


19 of 200 figure drawings completed now on week two. Can he make it? 

Since beginning this series, I have adjusted the goal from 100 to 200. The idea is to ingrain the figure into my mind and hand as it once was so many years ago. The difference is, now I am informed by real models and master examples. 

See the progress at Pinterest.

shown on top:

Study for Good Hair and a Russian Bear Hat. 2018. Vine Charcoal on Brown Paper. 24" x 18". Casey Klahn.

shown on bottom: 

Vermillion & Green. After Degas. 2018. Pastel, Dry Ground & Vine Charcoal on Townsend Sanded Paper. 22" x 18". Casey Klahn.

31 October, 2018

100 Figure Drawings

New project: 100 Fine Art Nude Drawings. The concept is to do drawings rather than paintings, mostly nudes but sometimes clothed, mostly framable sizes and on excellent paper. If you know me, you know the paper is as important as the rendering in a lot of cases. Also, these will be mostly from life models, sometimes from computer fine art model sessions, and sometimes copies from masters such as Rodin, Degas, Schiele, and Klimt.

These will be rendered in graphite, or vine charcoal, or they will sometimes be counter-proofs. Sometimes I will use pastel or paint mediums.

I'll be updating the project on Pinterest and on The Colorist blog, and will only be referencing it occasionally on Face-book.

The two below are from life models.

Quartering and Facing, Arms Overhead. Female Nude. 2018. Vine Charcoal on Rust-Colored Mi-Teintes Paper. 10" x 8". Casey Klahn. $200/ Unframed.

Female Nude, Facing Sideways and Seated. 2018. Vine Charcoal and Pastel on White Heavyweight Vellum Paper. 10" x 8". Casey Klahn. $200/ Unframed.

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