07 March, 2007

Pastel History

High Key Green Trees
14" x 10"
Original Pastel
Casey Klahn

Let's have a short look at a few great pastellists in history. I want to feature Edgar Degas, Mary Cassatt, and Rosalba Carriera for starters.
Then, I'd like to showcase some of the current great artists who use pastels. Daniel Greene and Wolf Kahn come to mind. If all goes well, I will introduce you to some of my pastel chums locally.
We can also get into the dissection of what goes into these little sticks of pigment, and by the time we're done, who knows? I may have taken you all down to my basement and we can make some home-made pastels according to my super-secret and mysterious recipe.
Tomorrow: Degas
Post script: I was just over at Making a Mark, and Katherine has posted an opportunity for you to participate online in a pastel class by the highly accomplished Dianna Ponting. Also, I will be posting on 100 Paintings - Colorist Italian Landscapes about all things pastel and Italy.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful Casey! Great work! Also, I was in a show called "I have Marks to Make" I thought that was close to what you wrote......and I think that the woman who started it was name Katherine...but not sure on that one. Anyhoo..GREAT WORK!

Casey Klahn said...

Great, Angela! Take care.

Lisa B. said...

I love Degas, and have never made pastels. I'll enjoy the lessons.

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