30 October, 2013

Critique Group

"Unpacking" the art created during our 3 day workshop in Gig Harbor, WA.

At the See Differently workshop in Washington last weekend, we mixed intuition and response with the formal elements of art.  Rules/Break Rules.  We discussed rule-breaking tactics at length.  I encouraged the artists to "jail break" their artwork, and I said I wanted "Grand Theft, Auto" from them. That is my way of describing how big an art crime I was looking for.

Photo: Denise Champion.

24 October, 2013


"If you're looking for something to be brave about, consider fine arts," Robert Frost. 
Photo: Raoul Dufy in his studio. 

Photo attribution lost.

18 October, 2013

Color Sense - Quotes

This was first posted in July, 2013.

These pages are jpegs, and may be copied and printed for your studio.  Assembled by Casey Klahn.

17 October, 2013

15 October, 2013

Boston Area Workshop Report

Your Author
North River Arts Society
Marshfield Hills, MA

Friday night demo.  I met numerous blog readers and Facebook friends on this trip.

We worked hard to plumb our reasons for creating pictures - our Artist's Ideas.  These are your personal agenda, apparent in every artwork you make.  Here you see a rare moment of fun in an otherwise demanding workshop.  

08 October, 2013

New Vision

Long Remembered New Vision, Oct., 2013.
@12" x 22"/iPh record
Pastel on Claret Paper 
Casey Klahn

03 October, 2013

Covered It Before - Music is Art

This post was first published in December, 2012.  

Music is art.  This statement needs no explanation, except I came to it late in life!  Of course music is art, and those who teach and play instruments are my brothers and sisters.  I stumbled (or is it youtubed?) onto Nadia Boulanger and was taken instantly by her genius as an instructor and by her authority.  Anyone animated by art will learn from her.

Mademoiselle Boulanger quotes Paul Valéry:
 "The gods kindly offer us the first verse. What is difficult is to write the next ones, which will be worthy of their supernatural brother."

Although I am the world's worst music patron, I find Mlle. Boulanger's stature and teaching style to be a very cool drink of water. I am listening to the longer video posted below as I type this, and although I am also the dimmest bulb at French, I am learning. 

"It's always necessary to be yourself – that is a mark of genius in itself,"  Nadia Boulanger.

Nadia Boulanger

My friend at Art and Music, Katherine van Schoonhoven, well understands the bridge between these two arts. Another friend and blogger is Rosemarie Kowalski, who blogs at Peaceful Ones, and she also celebrates the connection between the two.

This longer video, in French with subtitles, I recommend to you.

Nadia Boulanger.

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