29 August, 2014

Small Abstract

The Static Moment. 2014. 7" x 5." Pastel. Casey Klahn.
$100 / unframed. Postage @ $12 US / more for foreign post.

27 August, 2014

25 August, 2014

18 August, 2014

From Finland

The Lake. Arrangement in Blue. 2014. 
8.25" x 11.3"
Casey Klahn


Special hour in Kemijarvi. Following a brilliant dinner we enjoyed the Finnish sauna.

Finland was a fabulous time. I taught 10 artists in a 5 day workshop. After this, I traveled to Saint Petersburg, Russia to visit Matisse. More on that later. 

15 August, 2014

With Love

I'll write more about my Finland and Russia trip as soon as I get my land legs back. For now some rest, but always sweet memories of Lapland, Helsinki, The Baltic Sea and Matisse.

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