29 June, 2017

Pastellist Interviews

The tireless Canadian artist, Gail Sibley, who blogs at How To Pastel, has collected 19 short interviews of pastel instructors who attended the pastel convention in New Mexico earlier in June of this year. It is a treasure trove. Pour a tall cup of something to enjoy, and do go through these at your leisure. By the way, I am down the dais at video number 14, but I will also post it from You Tube below.

IAPS Interviews, 2017

12 June, 2017

Colors Have a Beauty of Their Own Which Must Be Preserved

Interior. 2016. Pastel, Graphite, Dry Ground & Oil. 18" x 14." Casey Klahn.

Colors have a beauty of their own, which must be preserved.
Henri Matisse.

06 June, 2017

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