24 February, 2013

Art Blog & Page Updates

Casey Klahn Art, Portfolio of Available Works, is my new effort at making the art in my studio available to viewers.

My current and available medium and large works will be posted and updated there.  The new blog will be linked on the "Portfolio" page at this blog.

All of the Pages, which are tabulated at the top of this page and under the banner, are in the process of being updated.  There is much workshop news, and since I wrote the last bit, 2 new workshop venues have been added.  More news to follow.

22 February, 2013

New Workshops


Also, see my listing of scheduled and proposed workshops here.  More will be added as I get them confirmed.  

19 February, 2013

Umber Trees

Umber Trees
@ 20" x 26"
Casey Klahn

Did you know that I'm posting daily, this month, At Pastel Workshop?

16 February, 2013


The Studio, 1912
Edouard Vuillard
 95 x 74.9 cm

Get ready for Vuillard.

Here are some newsy links for your weekend.  Enjoy!

Matisse: They wished to Kill Him For His Color!

Betty Edwards - Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain Video: 2 Hours.

How many museums need the acronym MONA?
The new MONA in Australia.

This link to The Jewish Museums' late take on 
Edouard Vuillard: A Painter and His Muses, 1890-1940. I want to write a longer post unpacking Vuillard and his work.  Stay tuned, please.

The Wadsworth, in Hartford, CT, has an exhibit of french drawings and pastels: 
Medieval to Modern: French Drawings and Pastels.
September 29, 2012 – March 10, 2013

11 February, 2013

09 February, 2013

Market Materials

This guy would jump on the internet so fast it would make your head spin. He is a marketing genius.

I'm taking a long course on the internet about marketing one's art.  It is challenging me to re-visit my marketing materials and is generally a lot of fun.  Good thing I like noodling around on Photoshop.  Here is my new logo. 

My new business card is posted below.  When I get them printed, I will be glad to mail you one.

A great place to go to school for your art business: Art Biz Coach Blog.

06 February, 2013

Dilly-Daly, Daily-Daly

Upper Church
4" x 6"
Pastel & Conte Pencil
Casey Klahn

For the month of February, I will be posting daily artwork at Pastel Workshop and Daily Paintworks.

05 February, 2013

Off The Shoulder

Off The Shoulder
@9" x 8"
Casey Klahn

The Paint The Barn In Winter Group at Facebook is doing great work, and we are having a lot of fun while we're at it.

01 February, 2013

Forest Interiors

Interior Forest Opening
13.75" x 15"
Casey Klahn

These forest interiors are turning into a series.

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