29 July, 2014

Getting on the Airplane

Please allow me these moments of glee as I get ready to board the plane for Europe. The brief is that I will be teaching a workshop above the Arctic Circle, in Lapland. I'm afraid I couldn't find any hip Beatles songs about that experience, but since I will be adding a side trip to Russia, Back will do just fine.

Stay tuned here for photos and updates about the workshop in Kemijärvi , Finland, and I'll be creating and posting some pastels as well. I have an affinity for places in the north, and am really looking forward to seeing this delightful and remote corner of Europe. 

Back in the, er.., Russia, I just clued-in that St. Petersburg is known as the Venice of the North. I want to see the big Matisse paintings held there, and maybe I'll get to play Sargent as best I'm able, and paint some canal scenes, too. 

For the more playful, here is the Beatles illustrated trip to Russia. Couldn't help myself.

25 July, 2014

Softly The Morning

Morning Forest. Pinks. 2014.
@8" x 12"
Pastels on St Armand Old Masters Drawing Paper.
Casey Klahn

16 July, 2014

Coffee Culture Canada

The Skinny Barista. 2014.
12" x 11.5'
Pastel & Charcoal
Casey Klahn

Galt is an urban hamlet in Ontario where I spent last week teaching and enjoying the culture. It was a fine time, and I want to thank Edward Hanson at Pastel Studio Canada, and Pastel Artists Canada, for having me.

12 July, 2014

American Falls

American Falls. 2014. 
Vine Charcoal and White Compressed Charcoal. 
@8" x 10." 
Casey Klahn

Intervening Space. American Falls. 2014. 
Vine Charcoal and White Compressed Charcoal. 
@8" x 10." 
Casey Klahn

Casey Klahn painting at Niagara Falls.

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