28 August, 2009

Dream Big

CJK at Family Camp

Photo Credit: Lorie Klahn

Don't forget to dream big.

27 August, 2009

Festival Preview

Simple preview of my art booth

See a thin preview of my art for Sausalito at my blog, Pastel. Someone asked the other day about my current framing, which is shown in these photos. Of course, my work will not be hung so thin, as I have about forty or forty-five originals for this show. Add lighting, signage and a vase of flowers and you get the idea. Simple, but focused on the art.

Secret Knowledge just for readers of The Colorist: I intend to hang only the River Series on the first full day of the festival. Thereafter, my other works will be shown, too.

Sausalito Art Festival

Labor Day Weekend 2009
Friday September 4th · 6:00pm · Preview Party
Saturday September 5th · 9:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday September 6th · 9:00am - 6:00pm
Monday September 7th · 9:00am - 5:00pm

25 August, 2009

River Blues

Blue & Gray River
10" x 14.5"
Casey Klahn

Imagine the river when the water element overwhelms the vegetation and the air. Foggy, wet, and dense. This is the Northwest's river.

Doc Watson.

James Taylor.

River songs.

24 August, 2009

Silver and Shade

Shady Trees
5" x 7"
Casey Klahn

This is an image from behind our house, looking toward the pet cemetery. Finished outside, rather than in my studio.

I may connect this one to my new and upcoming Prairie Series, since farmsteads are a fixture on the prairie.

18 August, 2009

System Corruption

"What Did U Say?"

The geek at the computer shop tells me that my operating system is corrupt. In the Old West, those would be fightin' words! But, in the digital era, it just means that I ought to complete a system restore. So, if I can find my (improperly filed) SR software, this will be my next move.

With August activities pressing, and Sausalito upcoming, my posts will be thin.

I leave you with the most frightening movie scene ever filmed. HAL 9000 has your back, Dave.

13 August, 2009

Cezanne, The Proto-Fauvist

Paul Cézanne (Son of the Artist), 1890
Paul Cézanne

"Line and color are not distinct...when color is at its richest, form takes on its fullest expression." Paul Cézanne.

12 August, 2009


heart-2.<span class=

My Toshiba laptop is on life support. Being older than four years, the stalwart tool is losing data fast. As I never did proper back ups, I have it in the shop for a complete back-up of the C drive, and when it gets home, I will be running a HD back up as sort of, well, an iron lung (cue Ian Anderson).

I am contemplating sending the laptop back to its infant stages by wiping everything out and starting over. The only programs I have ever used, that I can think of, are the Photoshop (version 2, which I bought used from Fred Flintstone) and whatever came bundled or free, such as Open Office and Firefox. I have the media for PSE 2 and can put that back on and continue to march. Any geeks out there have input on this?

Posting will be thin for about another week, as we are busy in the framing studio and in the final countdown before my show in California.

gif credit: msbilliejoemonique.

06 August, 2009


Prairie Bush
5.25" x 12.75"
Casey Klahn

Let's take a portage and see some overland scenery. We'll return to the river in due course.

This image has an interesting story. It is a scene by the road that leads from our farm to the highway, and is a low bushy tree that stands at a crop line past a neighbor's farm. I intended for so long to set up and do an on sight painting, but finally did this in the studio from memory. I stalked it so long that it just stayed in my memory.

Because of its local flavor, my wife has decided that the painting is hers.

04 August, 2009

River Honesty

River in Browns
7.5" x 16"
Pastel and Charcoal
Casey Klahn

In the service of honesty, let's admit that the river isn't always cheery and sun-kissed. Rain happens.

The ferry is boarding. Rockferry, that is. Here's Welsh singer Duffy, with guitarist
Bernard Butler, giving us an intimate, "hold the sauce," session of her melancholy tune.

The singer Duffy is from North Wales. Rugged land, geographic isolation and a don't-mess-with-me attitude are things shared by my home town of Hoquiam and the NorthWelsh. I have only ever met one person from North Wales, but that still shows you it's a small world, huh?
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