30 October, 2012

Video Killed the Radio Star

I just thought of that eighties song because of how video has become the new currency in social media.  Instead of "radio star," you might insert "artist blogger." This new emphasis on video is a bit intimidating, since most of us don't have a degree in videography. 

All that to say that while I am happy with most of my videos, this particular one is only so-so.  Live and learn.  What don't I like?  It has too much "Casey Klahn" at the start.  If you can get past that, please enjoy the pastel and the really generous words by Jackie Simmonds.

Speaking of learning, there were four artists in my remote and rural studio yesterday watching me do a demo, and then accepting critiques of their work done in class.  It was too blustery to go outside, but they found views through the windows.  That makes me realize what a blessing it is to have a commanding view right here.  God is good.

Other videos.

Fall Foliage demo on the easel.  Not quite finished yet.

29 October, 2012

Color & Wolf Kahn


Wolf Kahn, Color & Consequence

from Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe on Vimeo.

I find that embedded videos that are not You Tube load slower than anything You Tube.  What is up with that?

There is a river image in this exhibit that solves a compositional problem for me on a particular river work that has noodled around in my head for a number of years.  It is a transformative thing.  You may enjoy Wolf Kahn's color ideas, but his compositions are very edgy and deserve some study.

21 October, 2012

20 October, 2012

More Drawings, Especially Degas

I'm feeling the urge to really get busy drawing.  The change of season always does that to me.  Here is a post from the drawing archive.

19 October, 2012

Degas Influence

At The Bar - Copy of Degas
@22" x 17"
Charcoal, Conte & Pastel 
Casey Klahn

18 October, 2012


This post was first published at Pastel Workshop in 2011.
I think this was a practical exercise from a text book.
Charcoal, Conte and White Chalk
@ 8" x 12"
Casey Klahn

Okay.  I fixed the eye placement and the lip.  It is fascinating how once good abilities can evade me after too many years out of practice.  Figures and heads require lots of practice, and then there's the art part, too.

This is done on newsprint.

16 October, 2012

12 October, 2012

Colors Afield

Click on the image to see it whole
All The Colors Field
small/ @ 3.5" x 7"
Casey Klahn

11 October, 2012

Colorist Art Pins

Atonement, detail #1
@8" x 15"
Casey Klahn

This pastel I renamed "Atonement."  

What is colorist art?  That is a question I get asked much.  Try this Pinterest board for a visual commentary on colorist "ism."

08 October, 2012

Jackie Simmonds Reports On Seeing Differently


Windbreak6" x 12.5"
Casey Klahn
 "It (Windbreak) gives me JOY, because I so thoroughly enjoy those tiny, rich touches of turquoise, blue and pink between the network of branches - masterful, beautiful, surprising, delightful.  I just want to stare and stare at them.  And that royal blue..why would he use that, asks the logical brain......but in the hands of someone confident and brave - just look how successful and oh how visually satisfying - particularly with that little touch of pink at the base of the picture..," Jackie Simmonds.

Seeing Differently, as posted by Jackie Simmonds.

Many thanks, Jackie.  It does pay the artist to see differently, because if you can say something authentic, the world will beat a path to your door. 

Jackie Simmonds is a very accomplished artist who resides in the United Kingdom.  She is the author of multiple books on art, sketching and and pastels.

07 October, 2012

Mindful Thoughts on Seeing Differently

Handedness and the integration of one's art.

Thanks to Dutch artist and blogger, Paula Kuitenbrouwer, for seeing my art as a way to unlock new possibilities.  That is the idea:  give up on reason a bit, and follow the brush. Except in my case, it is the pastel stick.

Her post, Changing from Right Hand Drawing to Left Hand Drawing (or vice versa), is advice for a reader who is suffering a loss of function in her dominant hand.  My immediate reaction to this was how hard it would be for me to switch hands for writing, but that in art making there would be less trouble.  My thought is that art is so much more than technique!  It is ideas & reactions; expressions.

Mindful Drawing.

Image: Leonardo da Vinci (Italian, 1452-1519). Study for the Hands of Saint John, ca. 1491-93. Black chalk on paper. 11.7 x 15.2 cm (4 9/16 x 5 15/16 in.) The Royal Collection © 2011, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. h/t: About.com.

03 October, 2012

Eight Italian Buildings


Villa Through the Trees
8.8" x 7.2," Pastel, Casey Klahn

Garda Heights
5" x 7," Pastel, Casey Klahn

Belvedere Yellow
4.5" x 6.5," Pastel, Casey Klahn

Hotel Sol, Italy
7.5" x 6.5," Pastel, Casey Klahn

 Little House in La Ca
5.6" x 6.2," Pastel, Casey Klahn

Looking South in Riva
10.25" x 7.25," Pastel, Casey Klahn

Italian Building Sketch
4" x 4.5," Pastel, Casey Klahn

 White Facade, Sketch
8" x 5," Pastel, Casey Klahn


Eight Italian Buildings - Flat File Sale

With the only exception being Little House in La Ca, these are all unframed works. 

How to purchase.

La Ca, framed in maple.

01 October, 2012

Report & Matisse Quote

Harvest is Underway

Thanks to my readers and patrons for your kind attention to my Flat File Sale.  It isn't over, yet, but the weekend was busy and several framed and unframed works are going out in the mail.  As I said on Facebook, any artist is blessed to have an audience, and I appreciate mine very much.

There will be some topical sets of images, such as Italian scenes, and also a few inexpensive works to show you this week.  Also, I will cobble together an offering of framed works that are available to purchase.  Maybe I will do that twice, since I have different sizes available.  Stay tuned for these, please.

Traffic here at The Colorist has been sky high, and that is because of daily posting about this event, with much art to see, and this popular feature of artist Cameron Hampton.  Also, for reasons I haven't figured out, this post about the Ukranian artist Sergiy Aliev-Kovyka has gotten new attention.  I love his free style with the pencil.

My new web site has gotten lots of attention.  It directs you to this portfolio page, where currently available works can be seen.  Another reason for high traffic here at The Colorist is that university students are back on campus.

Finally, a quote from the master, Henri Matisse:

There are so many things in art, beginning with art itself, that one doesn't understand.  A painter doesn't see everything that he has put into his painting.  It is other people who find these treasures in it, one by one, and the richer a painting is in surprises of this sort, in treasures, the greater its author.

And no blog post is complete without one of these: the kitty.  My sincere thanks to the kind readers of The Colorist!

Harvest Photo: Lorie Klahn.
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