22 August, 2013

Your Authority

Growth comes with struggle.  The key in art is to get it over into the subconscious, and the sooner you start just making art, the easier it will be to find expression. 

Here are some quotes on the Artist's Authority that were published here some time ago.   

You should be able to click on these documents and view them.  Save them and print them out to post in your studio.

18 August, 2013

Seattle Visit

Enjoying the Great Wheel on Elliott Bay, Seattle.  Ferry on Puget Sound in the background.  While I'm sitting here, smiling, the meter maid is ticketing my car.  I blame those new e-meters.  Anyway, we had family fun touring western Washington.

04 August, 2013

Casey Klahn Art - Intimate Sizes

Blue Water
10" x 5"
Casey Klahn

My new portfolio blog, Intimate Sizes, features small works available in framed or unframed formats.  Have a look!

01 August, 2013

New Blog!

The popularity of my portfolio blog, currentcaseyklahn.blogspot (Casey Klahn Art Portfolio of Available Works) has been surprising. 26,500 pageviews in 9 month!

Here is what I intentionally left out of that portfolio blog: the small works.  Now, I am introducing a new portfolio blog that covers the works under 12 inches. Casey Klahn Art - Intimate Sizes, small works available in framed or unframed formats fills that gap, and may be seen here. 500 hits in one day makes me think it will be another great place to showcase new works. And, I am grateful to my kind readers.

Portfolio of Medium & Large Works.
Small Works Portfolio.

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