29 November, 2015

Portraits Are What I Do Now

Vincent in Rejection. 2015. Pastel. 12.5" x 10." Casey Klahn.

Without overthinking it, my art has become about faces and figures. Expressionist and (forgive this phrase) Matissian is what I wish to do. By Matissian I mean decorative, which was Henri Matisse's way of describing the abstract elements of artwork. 

The struggle is between the narrative and decorative styles. They are in opposition to one another. It turns out that if I can avoid the narrative in these portraits, then they become more powerful.

I have made several attempts to render Vincent van Gogh without looking at his paintings. This is the first time I liked one.

Why not post the Don McLean tune? Please enjoy.

27 November, 2015

13 November, 2015

Night Self Portrait

Night Self Portrait in Costume and with Severe Side Lighting. 2015. Pastel, Oil, Charcoal and Graphite. 17.75" x 11.1." Casey Klahn.

06 November, 2015

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