30 September, 2010

The Dramatic Landscape

In The Draw, Green
9.75" x 9.75"
Casey Klahn

At the Tinman Too in Spokane this Friday night, October 1st., from 5-9 PM, you can see The Dramatic Landscape, pastel images by Casey Klahn. The exhibit will hang throughout October, and next door at the Tinman Gallery will be bronze works and mixed media by renowned artist Harold Balazs.

Press - Spokane Visual Arts Tour

22 September, 2010

My Thanks

muj4zn.gif picture by caseyklahn

...to the following comment givers on my last post.


This blog community keeps me going!

gif credit: wolfman.

20 September, 2010

First Place Award

Casey Klahn

Artist Casey Klahn, of Davenport, Washington, received the First Place Award in the Drawing category, at the Sausalito Art Festival, September 4-6, 2010. Klahn won this award for the whole body of work presented in his outdoor booth, which this year featured The Prairie Series of pastel landscapes.

The Sausalito Art Festival enjoys national and international prominence as one of the best fine art and craft venues.
Established in 1952, it has become a premier annual destination event for collectors and art patrons.

Casey Klahn received the same award in 2009: First Place in Drawing, Sausalito Art Festival.
His other awards include the Making a Mark Award for the Best Picture of a Place posted on an artist blog in 2009, and two Juror's Choice Awards, 2005 and 2007, in Fine Art from the Spokane ArtFest, jurist Michael Monroe.

The Prairie Series.
Sausalito Art Festival.
2010 Awards List.

Photo Credit: Lorie Klahn

Note to my readers: Regulars at The Colorist already know about my new award, but since I only snuck the news in as a photo caption I now have to provide this formal release to appease the self promotion troll. Thanks for your forbearance!

14 September, 2010

The Tinman Too

Showing in October at the Tinman Gallery in Spokane are mixed media works by Harold Balazs, and at the Tinman Too (next door) I will be exhibiting 15 - 20 pastel landscapes, including images from The River Series and The Prairie Series.

My one man show is to be scheduled in the next year at the Tinman Gallery. Also next year I will be showing in the City of Hoquiam, and at the Sausalito Art Festival.

Harold Balazs.
Northwest MAC, Harold Balazs.

13 September, 2010

Running on Fumes

I am still running on empty. What a season!

Also, I am happy to have readers visit from Katherine Tyrrell, and I hope she'll give us some of the attention that London has been getting. We've missed her regular posts over the summer.

I am getting ready for an exhibition in Spokane in October, and I'll tell you more about that soon. Also on the front burner will be getting back to daily posts at The Colorist Daily. I need to make sure what my inventory is, and do everything right more than immediately, if that makes sense.

See you soon.

10 September, 2010

Back Home Okay

Here is a note to let everyone know that I made it home from California well and fast. Too fast for comfort's sake, but the family needs me at home, since I missed the first day of school last week for my children. I'm exhausted, not only from the trip, but from the whole season. Time to switch gears and get into a new routine.

I hope to write some posts like last year where I describe to you my methods for creating prize winning work. I have some different ideas, so you can look forward to some interesting posts.

06 September, 2010

Sausalito - A Photo Report


A special welcome to my new readers from the Sausalito and Bay areas. The past four days at the famous Sausalito Art Festival have been both fun and rewarding for me. Thanks to the artist awards committee, the event staff and volunteers, and the patrons who come from far and wide to see this premier event. Fifteen original pastels are in new homes, and not a few new readers (my highest stats ever were reported for today) have found The Colorist.


05 September, 2010

Sausalito Picture Update

Casey Klahn, Goin' Uptown
Friday Gala Opening Sausalito Art Festival


Sunday, Klahn Receives First Place Award in the Drawing Category, Sausalito

04 September, 2010

There's Good News, and There's Bad News

Road Trip

Not about the show! That news is all good - I had a wonderful day in sunny Sausalito. The art festival had great "gate" today, and I expect the same for the next couple of days.

The good news/bad news is about the camera issues I have been having. I forgot my cable for downloading images, so today I was trying to borrow one from some neighboring artists and a 10 year-old kid overheard my dilemma, and suggested that I just stick the SD card from my camera directly into my laptop. Tonight I looked, and there is the SD port right in front. Doh. No, double-doh!! Now I have forgotten my camera at the booth! I promise pics tomorrow, since I should have the technology, and the parts, all together by then.

Organization skills are a critical issue when you are doing an outdoor fair. I do fairly well, but something will always slip through the cracks.

03 September, 2010

Gala Opening at the Sausalito Art Festival

Tonight's gala opening was an event to behold. Locals come to see the art and stay to party the night away with live bands and fine cuisine. I did sell a small work, which is better than last year's Friday opening, so there you have it. Perhaps the flood gates are opening, and if not, we are all having fun.

Rumor has it that there is a guy in a turban who annually visits the fair, and picks one artist's booth to buy completely out. Urban myths, art fair style.

My booth looks nice, and the tux wore wonderfully. I did get the pictures, but somehow cannot find the download cable! You'll have to wait until I get home to see the evidence. I guess you'll have to trust my word pictures for the time being. If you must know now, consider me in a tux as somewhere between the fellow in the first video and the guy in the second.

02 September, 2010

I Suppose You'd Like To Know About Set-Up Day at Sausalito?

I Woke up at 5:15 AM today, because I couldn't sleep any longer. Too keyed up, I guess. My appointment to load in at the venue was at 8:30, and all you need to know about the experience can be inferred from the following video clip.

Except, it wasn't all that bad. I did enjoy seeing my pastel chums, including Victoria Ryan, whose help with my hanging problems is much appreciated. And late in the day I saw Susan Ogilvie and Teresa Saia - both from Washington. Together with Sheila M. Evans, we constitute the Washington State cabal of pastel artists at the Sausalito. Mess with one, and you got us all.

Tomorrow: the final set-up and the Gala opening. Yes, I will be wearing my tuxedo.

01 September, 2010

Road Trip - An Artist's Reality Blog

Celeste Bergin and Casey Klahn
Photo Credit: David Burbach

The open road part of my road trip is over for now, and I am in Marin County. If you've never been to Marin, I will tell you that it is just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Fransisco, and one of the beautiful places in California. I am glad to be here.

On the way, I enjoyed stopping in Hood River, Oregon, which I blogged about the other day. The "When Bloggers Meet" photo of Celeste Bergin and I is posted above. Her post about the meeting is here. Then, I continued down the 5 through the great Willamette Valley. I couldn't help thinking about an artist friend whose landscapes define the Willamette for me, Marla Baggetta. It just so happens that Loriann Signori is interviewing Marla at her blog.

How can I get through Oregon without thinking about two master pastel painters, Kitty Wallis and Richard McKinley?

Further south along the 5 one travels through northern California. I well remember my climb of Mt Shasta many years ago. Today, she frowns at me as I pass by. Speaking of California mountains, blogger artist Terry Miura is posting his series about his annual plein air back country trip to the Sierras.

Tomorrow I drive onto the venue early in the morning and set up my booth. I hope to have pictures of that process for you as I continue this art fair reality series.
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