29 October, 2016

Snapshots from My October Workshops

Shown from the top are: New Mexico, Provincetown and Cape Cod, a sketch from Boston, and Freeport, Maine.

I'm always too busy teaching to stop and take a photo of the class. I rely on students sending their pics, so if you can, please send me some and I'll post them.

20 October, 2016

When Bloggers Meet - Thug Life version

Casey and Sippi. Meeting Sippican Cottage in the Intertunnel. 

Sometimes, there's a Blogger. A Blogger whose words you cannot ignore. A Blogger of Bloggers! A man whose wordsmith chops are unparalleled. 

Bloggering is a lonely avocation; you find yourself wondering whether anyone other than robots read your heart and soul thrown-up against the wall. 

If you are one of the cool kids who've read the guy pictured to my left above, then you will be as thrilled as me to know he's a real guy. Yessir - no bot is he. He's an authentic human, and as a matter of fact he's a whole family of authentics: man, wife, 2 sons and one fiancee for wonderful measure.

Last week I met none other than the famous Sippican Cottage! The best blogger of all time, and that includes the Ancient Near Eastern and Classic eras. It includes the Golden Era, the Cinematic Era, and the Yogi Berra Era. 

Although we did have to meet in a red cavern in the intertunnel, we did manage to pull it off. An actual when bloggers meet meet-up! Sippi insisted on a disguise in the photo; he actually wears a cowboy hat. 

Sippican Cottage has, in my estimate, civilized the blogger world and made our days in the unterorb meaner and palatable. If none of that last sentence makes any sense to you, then I suggest you read Sipp's award-winning blog, Sippican Cottage. The rewards will be self evident. Also, drop my name when you get there. He seems to know who I am, too. 

Sipp and family: meeting up in deepest Maine was a highlight of my days, and my hope is that we'll keep in touch. I hear they have comment sections on Blogger.

04 October, 2016

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