28 February, 2012

The Scribbler

Excerpt from The Scribbler article.

The article, Authenticity & Your Art, is one I hope you'll save and read at your leisure.  Find out about your authority as an artist.  Thanks to the Pastel Guild of Europe for publishing this.

"Authority is as uncommon now as it ever was," Casey Klahn.

Article at The Scribbler.

I am also pleased to receive two reviews and a short biographical statement written by my friend, author, and fellow at-home-daddy, Terry Gildow.  I will show you those at a later time.

Further reading on the topic of the artist's authenticity, The Artist's Ethos.

25 February, 2012

Denver in May!

Denver Workshop Details:
See Differently. Authenticity & Your Art,
by Casey Klahn.
Location: Studio of Joan Fullerton, 4976 Carefree Trail, Parker, CO 80134
Date: May 19th & 20th  
Cost: $240
Class Size: 12

Contact me by e-mail

This workshop has generated much interest.  There are spaces available, but they will fill up soon.

24 February, 2012

Impressionists at the MAC

Edgar Degas 
figurine, bronze posthumous cast

The Spokane MAC has an Impressionists exhibit, and I finally felt well enough to go today.  Good to be well, again.  Saw Renoir, Pissaro and Degas.  Also Inness.

Full report still to come.

22 February, 2012

So Long, Word Verif#@ation

I took down my word verification.  The only spam I get is from some guy named kevin or kevin21.  He is very dedicated to his spamming here, and he takes the time and effort to fill in my WV.  And, I dump him straight into the spam file every time.

All others, please feel free to comment here, free of the now too odious word verification process.

Poppy Brew provided this nice graphic.

21 February, 2012

Vlog Series


Two entries in the educational series at Pastel Workshop (blog) are illustrated with  my videos. Those are:  Elements & Dynamics of Design, which illustrates the elements of art using sample paintings, and Value Scale Simplicity, which takes a gray scale approach to simplifying and unifying your work.  The subject of simple value compositions will be expanded upon in the next post at the Pastel Workshop blog.

The whole series is presented an element at a time.  I am almost through with the basic elements, and will be ticking off the dynamics of design next.

This series of lessons is provided as prep work for my workshop students.  When I critique or teach, these lessons provide prerequisite knowledge of art terms so we can more quickly get to the task of making new art. 

15 February, 2012

News Set - New Sets

New sets  -  cool grays, warm grays and blue-grays.

These new home-made pastels are still wet.  It takes several days to dry them, and I am eager to get them into my new Dakota Travel Box.  I compared the Judson's one (pictured above) with the Dakota ones, and bought the Judson brand.  I think I like it better, but I needed more safe travel storage, and so I also purchased a Dakota Box.  I will let you know eventually which of these two similar boxes I like best.

I still owe you a report on my beautiful new Roche Pastels.  So far, so great!  I have been quite under the weather for the past couple weeks, and my studio painting sessions have suffered.  I will be better soon, and will bring you a new picture and a review.

Breaking News.

The dates for my upcoming workshops have been set.  Denver is May 19th & 20th.  Contact me to sign up for this one.

Cambridge, Ontario is June 2nd & 3rd.
Contact Edward at Pastel Studios, Canada.

I am gathering interest for future dates in:

Berlin, Germany
Portland, OR
Boston, MA

09 February, 2012

Workshop Basics

Need an introduction to art basics or just a refresher ?  For the benefit of my workshop students, I am creating some videos and posts at my blog, Pastel Workshop.  When I do critiques, these are the formal elements of art that are referenced.  


More to come.

06 February, 2012

Up To The Minute

In the interests of keeping you up-to-the-minute, here is a photo journal of my recent studio works.

Upland Air
6.3" x 6.75"
Casey Klahn
informal iPhone record

Ghost Riders
6.75" x 9.75"
Casey Klahn
informal iPhone record

These pastels make use of my new Roche sticks.
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