17 December, 2006

New logo?

My wifey got a new camera as an early Christmas present. It's a Nikon D80, which is one of those new-fangled digitals with @ 10 Mega pixels. We'll be using it a great deal in the studio, where before we needed slide transparencies for various juries or galleries, or what have you.
Now, I don't even know which end of the camera the round comes out of. I'm just the artist, here. But, as a very talented photographer, my spouse can do wonders with these devices.
Here I have posted a picture from the series that I asked her to take this morning. She shot several of a favorite subject for promotional pieces: pastels in my working palette. Here, we're trying to incorporate a signature, which is a logo idea that I've been knocking around. I notice that many fine artists don't incorporate a logo on their websites or stationary, but for those that do, I like them a lot.

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