18 January, 2007

External Evidence of van Gogh's Appearance

Vincent in Conversation with Felix Feneon, Paris 1888. Lucien Pissarro (1863-1944).

Here is a photo of a street scene in Paris showing Emile Bernard facing, and the famous keener's back to us. Darn!

This is very fresh, given our subject of the collaboration in the Yellow House:
Vincent at the easel, Paul Gauguin, 1888.

Toulouse-Lautrec de Henri has given us this very nice drawing of van Gogh. Ritratto di Vincent van Gogh, 1887. It shares, I think, the same pigments VVG used in his self portrait shown in my last post. It is also a pastel, which Lautrec was known to have used.


Unknown said...

Vincent van Gogh self portrait found at Geneva flea market by Jules Petroz
watch video

Casey Klahn said...

What position am I in to screen or "vet" (new American slang : "vet" means to review or vouch for) these kinds of things? None whatsoever, of course.
It seems that our Petroz has found more than one art masterwork at flea markets. If he is apt at finding actual treasures, I suggest that he use the bigger dealers or auction houses as a starting point.
On the other hand, it is a free market in cyber-land, and wish him good luck. He has a natural attribute of sincerity. Buyer beware is the other side of the coin!
Also, I want to reiterate the humorous nature of my van Gogh threads.

Lucile said...

Nice compilation of works. Just one remark, though: "Vincent in Conversation with Félix Fénéon" wasn't drawn by Camille Pissarro (as your link suggests) but by his son, Lucien Pissarro.

Casey Klahn said...

Many thanks!

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