07 January, 2007

Free Art Screensaver

Thanks to William Lehman over at Artist Hideout for doing this great, free screensaver project. See my wonderful pastel, Red Veiled Forest, on it along with a very eclectic assortment of fine art and fine craft works. Here is the link for you to get this freebie.

There seems to be a nifty trend going on. I guess I might call it: "Mass Internet Participation Projects". Well, if you've got a better name, I would like to hear it!

In that vein, see the Sargent project going on over at Mark.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Casey. Glad you enjoyed it. I am still open to adding more people into the saver if anyone is interested.

Ed Maskevich said...

Your paint, Red Veiled Forrest, is a stunning piece. You list many of my favorite artists. I will be back.

jafabrit said...

Red Vieled Forrest made me go "cor, that is gorgeous, that is"! Really, it is just stunning,the colours and the composition.

Casey Klahn said...

It is very gratifying to get positive responses to this painting. Especially from peerage. Thank you.

An interesting thing on this one. I am organizing my inventory on paper, and have these categories for where each artwork is located. So, far, I have the "ready to sell" stuff in with the CTA (Collection of the Artist).
Anyway, this particular piece is actually in my own collection. Try though I may, I could never quite repeat the scene again in another painting. I think of it as very intuitive and fresh.
Do you artists cull out at least one painting a series, or one a year, for your own CTA? I am told that it will be meaningful to you in the later years.

jafabrit said...

yes, I have a couple of pieces I just won't part with. Both of them I love because they depict something very deep and important to me, and I love how they are done totally (which is rare).

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