16 January, 2007

Perhaps You Would Like to Sleep Where Vincent Slept?

Vincent's Chair with His Pipe, van Gogh, 1888

There is a hotel in Arles, France, a short distance from the actual yellow house which apparently was bombed in the Second World War. In it, is a full scale recreation of van Gogh's bedroom.

You, too, can sleep in his bed, and "channel" his genius.

Let's hope they've changed the sheets since VVG's time.

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Anonymous said...

OHHHH VINCENT VAN GOGH!!! I LOVE HIM! What a wonderful artist to paint about. I could go on forever about Van Gogh... my being epileptic, people used to tell me "Did you know that Vincent Van Gogh was epileptic" That is one of the things that lifted my spirit and helped me to become an artist. :)GREAT WORK!

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