26 January, 2007

Some Colorists You Should Know

My own art is in the old and venerable medium of pastel. But, by way of transition, I'd like you to have a look at two painters who use the brush (and other tools) to weave magical colorist abstracts.
Take a nice, long gander at these artist's colorful works. Elizabeth Love, at NZ Art (New Zealand), whose Mixed Media canvases are shouting color and texture at the same time. She has a wonderful grasp of intensities, which she manages to make the most of without overwhelming the structure of her abstract image. Where do we see that in another Colorist's work? Hmmn....clue here.
Then, in Florida, there is the busy Martha Marshall of An Artist's Journal.
Her work, Ember II, is an example of intensity of color that really glows. Her burnished look on this work is magic.


Martha Marshall said...

Thank you for the kind words, Casey! I'm a new fan of Elizabeth Love's work as well.

Anonymous said...

Both artist's are wonderful! I knew of Martha's work as I visit her site. I did not know of Elizabeth's work though! THANK YOU FOR SUGGESTING IT!

Casey Klahn said...

I want to add another blogger to this list that I discovered today: Julianne Richards, "Colorspeaker". Her uncanny channeling of Abstract Expressionism is quite inspiring. Maybe it's a New York City thing, but she really has it.

Anonymous said...

great links--thanks for the introductions! after poking around looking at other people's paintings i've been inspired to go back to oil painting!

Elizabeth Love (née Acheson) said...

Thank you, Casey. Hi everyone.
It is so good to be able to share work/links this way & encourage each other.

colorspeaker said...

hi Casey, I am "the Colospeaker,"
AKA, Julianne Richards. Funnily enough, I never saw your generous comment until a friend of mine told me about it, but just this past weekend, i was admiring your work, and then today my friend told me your name and i realized you were the same artist i had been looking at all weekend! What a coincidence! If there is such a thing... thank you so much, I will put a link to your site on my blog. Happy painting, write anytime.
the Colorspeaker

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