16 February, 2007

Colorist Art

These are not her images. I just was goofing around on Photoshop.
Now that I have your attention, though, I am pleased to introduce you to an artist I found linked from Katherine's Mark blog. Her name is Tracy Helgeson, of upstate New York.
We share an affinity for color fields, barns, and landscapes. See her blog here.


Anonymous said...

How thoughtful of you to share her blog with us Casey. I will look at it as soon as I can. Thanks!

Tracy Helgeson said...

Thanks for the mention Casey!

Philip said...


How do you feel about these photoshop images? Although you describe it as goofing around I suspect that there is more going on there - yes?

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks for the question, Philip.
I did some (well-liked) pastel abstracts a while back, and I was applying some of that to these photoshops.
While I do like them better than the yellow ones that accompanied a previous van Gogh post, I am somewhere between dislike and ambivalent about them.
Maybe I don't like photoshop. I certainly am under-accomplished at these computer tools, and probably intimidated by them.
Photoshop abstracts are hopelessly, IMO, two-dimensional. As the artists here know, the traditional fine art painting and drawing mediums are not limited to the 2 dimensional plane, although they seem to be at first glance.
Maybe a good thread idea, eh?
I'll let someone else run with it, though, since I am too disinterested in computer art, myself.

Making A Mark said...

I thought you might like her Casey!

Philip said...

Hmm. Well digital art isn't traditonal art but there are many practicioners all over the world who do this. Perhaps it will become a tradition therefore! I am not sure what you mean by 'artists here'etc. Don't quite understand why you posted these 2 pictures in the light of what you say - the second one looks quite 3-D to me btw.

Casey Klahn said...

Don't assume the consequent in my arguments. I certainly don't condemn the computer arts as a whole. I just don't take to them myself.
Who knows, before my years are over, I may have generated some computer art myself!
I am glad for any value seen in these simple Photoshop abstracts. The main thing I mean about the old school art mediums like oil painting or pastels, is that light passes through layers, and returns to the viewer's eye. There is a 3-D environment that we (my little group of artist chums who post comments) recognize, and leverage in our works.
Of course, I don't know if anyone can ever see this in the jpegs on this computer screen.
Some PC geek out there will probably have a whole spin about CRTs and light emanating from the screen. And that's fine; it's a good thread of interest.
I totally thought about the 3-D aspects of the second one, but I continue to see it as a false note. The elements on the screen are 2-D, although different illusions may develop.

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