02 February, 2007

Van Gogh Project; VG Speaks!

"You are doing vwhut?"
"Achkk! A vfan Gchock prawgekt? Even I don't know vhut my next project vill be. How can you pretend to know ?!"
"Vell, my adfice to you is to remember the colour und ze gesture. Yes, the colour iz ze meanink! Vifout zis, you will not have done a van Gogh! With the drawing, remember the gesture."

Editor's note: The good folks at Fine Line Artists are doing a project for February where each artist will study van Gogh, and produce a work influenced by their discoveries. They will be posting their progress as they go, and have opened the project for others to participate. I will be doing my project along with them, as my conversation with Vincent continues as well.
See this blog soon to see how I will have narrowed my plan down to a digestible chunk. Candidates are to do a plein air (on sight or outdoor artwork) or a portrait.

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