14 February, 2007

Van Gogh, The Self-Taught Artist

I forward this very interesting piece from Alyson's blog, by the gallerist Paul Dorrell who speaks to artist's about career moves.
He has a nifty view of the self-taught artist, which I quote:
"As a dealer, I’m always most interested in what an artist is creating now, and in what they’ve created in the past. I don’t even care if they’re self-taught, so long as the work is exceptional. Besides, 'self-taught' can place an artist in some very good company, beginning with that tortured Dutchman. "
VG may have "typed" us artists with some bad perceptions, but I don't mind that one, as I am 98% self-taught myself.
Happy Valentine's Day to all of my loyal readers, and to those who arrived by happenstance.

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