04 February, 2007

We Share a "Lust For Life"!

Things are getting ugly fast at our little French Cafe. In my worst French, I yell for another: "Guinness, fille!"
Icy stares from waitresses are my only reception.
I would crawl under the table, except that is where van Gogh is. And the fish on his breath is too much for even my iron constitution.
"I think it's time that we beat a hasty retreat, Vincent. If we crawl towards the door, we may get out unharmed!"
"Yes, let's get back to the studio. We can sober up there and try to get some work done on this VG Project of yours..."


Anonymous said...

LOLOL Looks like you are having a wonderful time chatting with Vincent, Casey!!!! Great work!

jafabrit said...

Well after all that guiness I hope you don't fluff each others brains out working in that tiny studio space.

Casey Klahn said...

Right. I will say that an old fart like me did get a kick out of being "carded" in order to log on to the Guinness web site.
I also tried to find a good French waitress jokes link, but I realized that I have French and Dutch readers, and there were just so many to choose from...

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