10 March, 2007


Entrance of the Masked Dancers
1878 - 90
Edgar Degas
General of Pastels

I can't resist adding this eye candy after the longish post full o' content.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work! I have to admit that I haven't seen much of this artist's work. Perhaps I will look it up! You have sparked an interest to do so Casey! :) Hope all is well!

Casey Klahn said...

Why do I feel that Degas is as fresh today as ever?
Could it be that he only passed from the scene less than a century ago? My house has been here slightly longer than he has been gone.
Look at the gestures of the dancers as they pass behind the stage props! The sense of movement is there based on the gestures of the subjects, the vibration of the colors, and the way that ED cut away part of the figures (remember, the photograph didn't "rule" our perceptions back then).

jafabrit said...

Oh he is isn't he casey, this is just simply GORGEOUS for so many reasons.

Casey Klahn said...

Kind of looks like he uses a minimal amount of color, too, huh, Corrine?

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