23 March, 2007

Getting Out of the Studio

I will be getting out of the studio a bit. Call it "Spring Cleaning" for the mind. I think it might be healthy to look at BOTA (Blogs Other Than Art) for a while. Also, the stats go down on the weekends, and I have some powerful pastel posts (that's triple P) waiting to be posted for the uptick of readership that comes on Monday.

Here are some non-art blogs that I happened upon:

Okay, these last two are Italy related, which is related to my 100italianpaintings.blogspot.com. Hard to get away from the art subject!
(Mr. Moms) Talk about a bunch of sad sacks...wait a minute! I'm one of these!

(WARNING: Potty Content & Religious Jokery, too) You will bust a gut:


I want to begin a general interest blog called Second Hand Sushi. Please don't steal that name! It's all my own.

Admin Note: I am having a hard time getting down to the basement to make those pastels, photograph the session, and post it. I promised to make pastels with you, so I will endeavor mightily to get 'er done. We lost a week and a half to the Flu and the whole family was laid up. Thank goodness for draft posting!
I gave some thought to making it a lens, like in Squidoo or something. But, I decided that it is not going to be an exhaustive "how to", but rather a personal "just what I do". Save those easel tailings (dust that falls off the paper will make awesome grays).
Anyway, if I fail to get it done, I will just have to post it in early April. Who knew that the pastel medium could so easily consume an entire month?

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Casey Klahn said...

I wanted to add this one, and finally found it again:
Over a Tuscan Stove

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