03 March, 2007

Olympic Mountains

Violet Woods
6.25" x 9.2"
Original Pastel
Casey Klahn

The Olympic National Park is part of my DNA. It's easier to name the trails I haven't hiked there, than the long list of those I have. My climbing tick list is also full of memories.
This image was done from memory, based on the way the Quinault Ridge (Kwi-nawlt) lies at an acute angle, yet still supports behemoth cedar, fir and spruce trees. The largest on the planet, in fact.
Great rain forests (temperate jungles) form multi-canopy overhead cover. When I lived there, my palette was mostly grays. Now, I suffer in the sunny inland region of Washington State. But my palette has come alive!


Philip said...

There is something very special about trees. I have a French friend who told me that as a child he used to sneak out at night, strip naked and then hug all the trees in the garden. I have never gone that far but I can understand where he is coming from. I love your colour choice in this - awesome.

Casey Klahn said...

BTW, everybody ought to visit Philip's blog today for an informative read on his public painting stint. I found it very insightful.
Thanks for the color comment. The jpeg actually suffers from a lighting problem - it is just a hair too dark. However, the hues are accurate to my work.
Trees, for the artist in me, are a relief from the overwhelming horizontal element of the landscape.
For the Klahn in me, they are a source of commerce.
As a child, though, they were certainly a source of awe. After all, my home was a land of giants, with thousand year old trees, most with circumferences of fifty to sixty feet.

Philip said...

If I ever had any political influence I would have a policy of planting trees everwhere possible. Man has created some very bleak environements which could be much improved by trees and plants(IMO).

Casey Klahn said...

When I was in Italy, it was interesting to know that the forests were de-nuded in the Second World War.
Now, it's a beautiful and well forested land. It amazes me how the pine trees are almost all groomed, except in the remote areas of the Apennines.

loriann said...

oooo....h, you are right Casey the forests are something spectacular!

Casey Klahn said...

Yes, Loriann. Giants!

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