18 March, 2007

Paper Choice

Gestural Detail: Abstract Reds Over Blues
Soft Pastel
Casey Klahn
Collection The Artist

The work on my easel now, The Bunkhouse, is being done on Townsend Pastel Paper. This choice I make based on my prior experience with that support. I want to over-work the colors and put down layers above layers ad infinitum.

Diane says that her daughter collaborates with her to produce this line of hand coated pastel paper. It is Rives BFK that has been hand coated with silicas, adhesive and other things that create a fine sanded surface. It doesn't take as much abuse as Wallis, but more than La Carte. It doesn't mind water, though. The Sennelier La Carte can be ruined by a drop of saliva, a random water spot or any floating drop of liquid spray that lands on it. There are repair methods for this tragedy, but if you want to tone your own paper you want something like TPP or Wallis.

My abstract that I posted here, I did on TPP paper. Because the paper likes to be rubbed and buffed, scraped and smeared. A favorite technique is to lay down a color, and then take it mostly off by rubbing with a chamois cloth, or a tissue paper. Try it with a kneaded eraser, too. If you over-apply pastel, and you need more re-working than simple fixative can provide, brush on some PVC diluted with water. Keep on working over the top of this patch, as if you had fresh paper.

As I work on The Bunkhouse, I notice that the Townsend paper is very good at accepting finger smears, and will accept just about any type of mark I want to make. I think I'm experiencing a breakthrough with it that I have been trying to achieve for some time, now. Looks like I'd better check the piggy bank, and order some new sheets.

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