10 March, 2007

Whoa, Nicole!

Can you get a data recovery service to mine the memory in your PC to at least recover any pages that may be stored in there?
What about customer service at Blogger?
What about your Norton Go Back? (Probably not?)
Wish I had the expertise to help more, but those pages are out there somewhere. Maybe Google cache?
Well, get someone with a clear head to helt you trouble-shoot this problem.
Cheers, and good luck!


Robyn Sinclair said...

Poor Nicole! It is a bit of a shock when one clicks on a favourite link and the blog has disappeared into the ether.
This is probably why Katherine (Tyrrell) talks about backing up her blog. If only I knew how.

Casey Klahn said...

Yes, and they say the latest thing is to back it up on the internet, rather than on one's HD, or media.
Somehow, I guess one must download every page to a disk. Sounds time consuming. I hope we have some expert techy person post for us a little easy to follow back-up.
God Bless, Nicole!

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