30 April, 2007

New Month - New Projects

Have I got projects in the hopper, or what?
  1. Abstract Expressionism, an interview project. I will be interviewing the greats of the New York School via the magic of Photoshop and a little imagination. It will be more than a reprise of my van Gogh interview technique, though. This time, I want to produce a power point presentation out of it in case I want to "take it on the road". Look for this project during the months of May and June - I want to give myself time to make it a quality event.
  2. Fifty Drawings will be my temporary substitute for my 100 paintings project, which is on hold while my laptop computer is out of reach. Subject matter will vary, but the foundational elements of my art will be on display for sick prices - basically fifty dollars. Who knows, I may even try out a Wordpress site for this one. Look for this new project around the middle of May.
  3. Blogger Biennial is an idea in it's formative stages that I haven't announced yet. The origination is from the idea that I can't wait around for Venice to give the call, and so I'm going to start my own Biennial, which will be an invitational to present new art at a special virtual event. I will be announcing the jury, and starting on this one-of-a-kind event sometime this year.
  4. Stations of the Cross will be my personal art project exploring spiritual focus and abstraction in my art. I will be doing the stations of the cross, in a Protestant format, and creating installations to show these works. It may be a few years in the making, but I want to get the start soon.
Well, that ought to be enough for a while! And don't forget, I still have an art career to attend to - with five art fairs coming up. Yikes!


Adam Cope said...

Dear Casey

best of luck with your new projects. Mayy they bring your much creativity & new ground & a good return.

Re- your stations of the cross. You might be interested in looking at the paintings of my professor, Norman Adams (Royal Academy UK). he was a colorist & something of a follower of William Blake. If you cant find any on the web, I can send you some, if interested.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Adam. I first heard of a Stations of the Cross abstract series by Barnett Newman.
I will definitely be looking for the Adams works.

Casey Klahn said...

I like Adams' Resurrection and Jacob wrestling the angel.
I take another direction with my own abstraction - but I bow to our fore bearers, such as your professor and Barnett Newman.
I will be looking at Adams' motivations for inspiration in my own direction, though.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on all your project Casey! Like the Van Gogh one..does that mean that you'll put in faces with artist's in NY?
Sorry I'm slow sometimes...hehheheh

Philip said...

I find it strange that you are anti political art because it is divisive and yet do not have the same feeling about religious art. Is there anything more divisive than religion at the moment?

Casey Klahn said...

My feelings about religious art have a lot to do with trying to understand the history of such. It cannot be ignored or swept under the rug that Christianity is a foundational element in western culture. If you don't like western culture, that's an opinion, but we can't redact history to suit our needs.
That's the dialectic that the communists tried - but it will be even harder to "change" history in an information era.
So, I oppose redaction of history, and search for answers on what Christian influences and outcomes of art are.
I currently work on trying to discover my own theology of art, if you will. I don't have that answer, but it's a compelling search.
Equivalence again!
I think I'll post the rest of my arguments via e-mail, Philip, since it's getting too political for the blog. Even though I brought it up, but I do think there are things to explore with art and politics.
However, this is my Expressionism month, which is very apolitical!
Oh, I forgot to address the religion okay, politics not okay question. That is a good one.
The simple answer is that politics are part of social discourse, and religion is a higher thing - more existential.
A problem I have with the left politically, may I say, is that if one lacks a theology of God, then I see many replacing that with politics. May I say that they are very different things?
Anyway - on to Abstract Expressionism!

Casey Klahn said...

Hey, Angela. Yes, the funny photoshops return! I will be trying to do a little bit better job this time, because I may take this one on the road as a presentation.
My challenges are that I am using my wife's newer photoshop, which I don't handle as well. Computer challenges-ditto.

Adam Cope said...

yes - religions can be great well-springs of imagination (in the deepest & best sense).

Glad you like Norman Adams paintings, what probably doesnt come across on the net is the size of them plus the fact he frequently framed them with the brightest cyclamen pink frames!take no prisoners.... of course you are right to separate your pictorial hoes from his. being influenced too much is a real constrain to being one's 'natural' art-self.

btw, i love stain glass in a church context... there IS colour!

Casey Klahn said...

I am gladdened that the Stations of the Cross idea has been well received.
Now, to see if I can actually get in the studio and make them happen!

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