17 May, 2007

Link Love

Here's a quick shout out to my friends at FLA, Nicole Caulfield and Katherine Tyrell.

Nicole, who draws a mean cup of coffee, has included me in her favorites links. Katherine has uncovered the new blog at The Pastel Journal, and graciously included me as one of the blogosphere's pastel bloggers. "We few, we happy few..."

I did get in a comment on the PJB's thread where one can nominate their favorite pastel work of all time. Guess which one I chose?

If you picked Degas, The Singer in Green, you were right!


Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

Thaks for your info and insights. Iam a mixed media type My best works have been with pastels and watercolor pencils. but latly i use Acrylicks My sight is limited and I dont know how to link but will put your url on next blog.
I have just moved to the banks of th Desplains river to paint.

Casey Klahn said...

Here is Lloyd's blog link.
Thanks for commenting here, Lloyd.

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