10 May, 2007

Tagged and Bagged

Mount Rainier, Washington 14, 411 Feet

Tagged & bagged.

That's what they say at the morgue when they "process vics".

I have been tagged by the Graywaren artist, Maggie Stiefvater. A tag is a type of meme, which is the blogger version of chain mailing.

But, since linkage is the way ahead for the blogger, I heartily accept her "Tag".

Ahem. 7 Random facts/habits about me:

  1. I am a "Mr. Mom" to my 5 year old boy and 4 year old girl.
  2. Their mom, I, and the 2 rug rats live on 32 acres in Eastern Washington, on a farm where I have no neighbors in my line of sight.
  3. If you are not squeamish about (non-gratuitous photos of) animal blood, a link to my just finished Turkey Hunt is here. 19 pounds, 9 inch beard (the turkey!)
  4. Last year in May - June I went to Northern Italy to walk the same ground that my late father fought on in World War II. I went with veterans (and family-members) of his unit, the U.S. Army's Tenth Mountain Division.
  5. I once held Bill Gates (yes, The Bill Gates) by his short hairs on a rope 61 feet in the air. We were doing the rope work for a photo stunt which was published in National Geographic in October, 1995. The article was titled The Information Revolution, and I made $750. Maybe I should have held him up for more...
  6. Where I grew up, the average rainfall was over 10 feet a year.
  7. I have summited Mt. Rainier in Washington State 5 times, and I used to be a mountain guide.

Now, the rules want me to select 7 more bloggers to tag. Who shall I pick on?

  1. Robert Chunn of ALLA PRIMA has a hefty set of blog links that I keep finding around the net. He has a strong hand at drawing, and I like his primary colors and graphic sense.
  2. Agnes Caldwell at Lines and Sidelines. She is a regular reader of The Colorist, and a dedicated drawer.
  3. Marina Broere at Introspection. She's a new blog acquaintance and in another group that I participate in.
  4. Lisa Bachman at The Studio News is into Piet Mondrian and has taken one too many trips to the Mondrimat, I think. (Just kidding, Lisa!)
  5. Emma Pod in Portland, who is also a habitual drawer and was kind enough to link to my blog.
  6. Syngibjörg. For obvious reasons - I dig having readers from really out there locations like Iceland!
  7. Elizabeth Love in New Zealand. I can't get enough of her colorful art, and I value her spiritual direction in her abstract art.
Whew! That was hard to do, because I wanted to send shouts out to bloggers who I don't get comments out to often enough. These are excellent artists and blog writers who I hope you'll check out soon. I just have to remember to tell them all now, that they have been "tagged".










Making A Mark said...

I enjoyed reading that Casey. I was going to tag you and then saw that Maggie has already done so!

(PS I passed on the turkey!)
(PPS - I want to know where you get 10 feet of rain..........)

Casey Klahn said...

First of all, thanks for the tag over at Technorati, Katherine. I don't go there often enough, but I wanted to ferret out some of my readers for my seven tags.
I have to say that my Statcounter doesn't seem to be correct all of the time. I guess it's at least worth the price that I pay.
Hey, I also just read your Travels in the Southwest (USA) for the first time. Really well done and interesting. I especially liked the "road trip" feel of the drawings showing your various drivers - they made for great transitions.
You are giving me the idea of blogging my summer art fair season. A challenge, that's for sure!
I'm glad someone liked the turkey. They are certainly hard game to hunt (the way the modern hunter does it).
Can it be that I have made a Londoner jealous of another's rainfall? That doesn't happen every day.
I grew up in Hoquiam, Washington on the Pacific Coast. Just up the road, where we would camp and hike, is the Quinault Rain Forest. 10-14 feet of rainfall is common. People wonder why I don't really don't like the sun that much...

Maggie Stiefvater said...

Okay, that you held Bill Gates up for $750 just sounds cool to say . . .

I'm not normally into forwards and chain mail but this was pretty entertaining.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks for tagging me, Maggie. I could use the traffic - I only acted put off to rile you.
Did I mention my brushes with the Sultan of Brunei and Janet Jackson?
Save that for next time.

Anonymous said...

Great post Casey! You live on a farm? How kewl!!!!
Thanks for sharing all of this with us Casey!!!

Casey Klahn said...

Yes, we used to farm barley, but now have converted to C.R.P. (Crop Reduction Program).

Lisa B. said...

Those Mondrimats are dangerous places, Casey. Especially when you don't even need a quarter to just keep playing, and playing and playing...

Hubby was awed by your hunting trip pictures. He's never bagged a turkey, but he did get his last buck with a regular bow and arrow.

Getting to be IT for the day was pretty cool. Thanks for the tag- I'll display it proudly from my left ear. Or is it the right ear?

Casey Klahn said...

Of course, this evening the turkey made a fool of me. can't be that lucky every day. I admire the bow hunter, but I'll stick with modern things - I need all the help I can get!
Boy, the stats, which suffered so badly during critic moth, are way up with the link effects. Too bad I'm not more active at linking.

r. chunn said...

Thanks for tagging me, Casey, and for the kind comments.

Actcrabby said...

Casey, thanks for tagging me. I've posted my response, but some of my links aren't working properly yet. I'll get them fixed as soon as I can. It's been fun looking up all your other tags. I feel very humbled by the company I'm in.

Anonymous said...

First time to your blog. I have enjoyed it and all the links too. Hope you get your computer back for your other blog. It looks interesting. Wish I had been drawing when I visited 3 years ago. I'll be back.

Emma Pod said...

Hello Casey, Thanks for tagging me! It was nice of you to include me. It's been fun to read everyone's 7 things about themselves - and 10 feet of rain is entirely too much!!! I always enjoy looking in on your blog. You have wonderful pastel landscapes and I love your use of vivid colors.

Cheers from another Pacific Northwesterner

Casey Klahn said...

Emma, Emma. Dear Emma. That's the thing about Portland...not enough rain (for me).
People didn't understand me when I moved to the Seattle area, and I said that it didn't rain enough there for me...and the seafood was sub-quality.
Har har - gotcha!

Elizabeth Love (née Acheson) said...

Hi, Casey. Thanks for the tag. Amazing to see the hits do a big spike!
Thanks too for being such an encouragement to me with your comments about my work. Take care.

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