09 June, 2007

Endless Summer Blog

My new blog is about the art fairs of summer. It's called Endless Summer Art Fair, at http://summerartfair.blogspot.com/ . You may go there to satisfy any number of reasons:
  1. You are a patron who has seen me at an art fair, and want to do some follow-up research of my art fair life.
  2. You are an artist who either does art fairs or who is seeking information about them.
  3. You have received an e-mail or a post card from me and want to preview the fairs.
  4. You are a rolled-up hippie from the Sixties who thought you would find some cool blog about the never-ending surfer life. If this describes you, go here instead. Peace out, dude.
Look to this new blog for promotional info about my summer art fair venues. Who knows? Maybe we'll share a beer somewhere out there on the open road, or if nothing else I may yet get my legs to tan before the summer is over.


Anonymous said...

How kewl of you Casey! Very interesting, I'll have to go check it out! I have a question.....I was going to purchase a tent for an art fair. The only ones that I can find are the kind that you have to put into the ground. Do they work? If so, do you have to put anything on the legs to keep them down? How do they work?
Any help would be very much appreciated!

Casey Klahn said...

Good question, Angela. I'll answer it in a post over at my art fair blog, http://summerartfair.blogspot.com/

Thanks for the interest!

te said...

Saw your post on Katherine's blog - and her raves about you! I can see why! I'll be back when I can read for a bit...

(Haven't visited your art fair blog, but i'm going there next - nice idea!)

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