02 June, 2007


Light in Branches
Casey Klahn

Thanks to all of my great friends and readers. While I'm so busy at ArtFest in Spokane, I'm running at full speed and my comments and e-mails are piling up.

On the first day of the Spokane Museum of Arts & Culture and Spokane Art School Artfest I was presented with a Juror's Choice Award. Three "Best of Show" awards are presented in Spokane, and mine was in the paintings and fine art category. While it's always an honor to get merit awards at my regional juried fair, this one is especially exciting because of the person who juried the awards. This excerpt from a web page:

Juror Michael Monroe, Director and Chief Curator of the Bellevue Art Museum, former Curator-in-Charge of the Smithsonian American Art Museumʼs Renwick Gallery (Washington D.C.), and the past Executive Director of the American Craft Council, will select winners of over $3000 in media specific monetary and gift certificate awards. Selections are made during the first day of ArtFest.

Mr. Monroe's expertise is in the area of modern art. I have been informed by the museum staff that this one needs to be in my resume with his name.

Now I just have to figure out how to write that one up. You know me, I'm a big name-dropper and all.


Robyn Sinclair said...

Casey, Congratulations! Well deserved and a great boost, I'm sure. I knew I should have been collecting you before you were famous.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Hey Casey, that's great! Congratulations! I love awards;)

Anonymous said...

Back, Forth, all around!!!! The e-mails are piling up huh. I understand that one! I hope that one day I can paint with you. That would be kewl. Anyhoo, you are most welcome for any compliments on your blog that I give. You certainly deserve them all. :)

Philip said...

Many congratulations!

Anonymous said...


Casey Klahn said...

I wish that all of you will have the same kind of experience soon. The recognition over the course of the four day event from one's peers is a boost. Gracious people, these artists.

I had a really great conversation with Stan Miller, who is a long-established regional artist out of Spokane. His work is influenced by A. Wyeth, and is in the same realm, IMO.

Stan will be enjoying Tuscany this summer, instead of his usual Venice trip. Montese, I think he said.

A Seattle art patron owns a villa there, and Stan will be roomed and boarded with his family on a vacation there. He will paint, and apparently a London composer will be a guest also. Talk about your dream art patron, huh? I think Stan is going to see the food and vino hospitality side of Italian life, this time, and I'm excited for him.

Anyway, he gave me some detailed and much appreciated words about my art. He's a teacher of art in local institutions, as well, so he can expound clearly and at length about the subject of art. I look forward to his mentorship when I start teaching (rumor, here) at the art school this year.

I don't mind saying that I am happy to be recognized in the region, now. The sweat equity finally has a payoff, and I only see it as a plus for my artistic growth, as well. I'm motivated to get back in the studio and paint!

Elizabeth Love (née Acheson) said...

Great news Casey. Hang on to that feeling!

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