29 June, 2007

Studio "Event"

Studio, Meet Terry Ludwig

Sometimes when I spend a week or more at the farm (that's my house in Eastern Washington) even small events seem a little bigger than they ought to be. A package at the door from UPS? You'd think it was Christmastime.

In my studio picture above, taken with the point-and-shoot that I call "Sparky", the keen of eye will spot a nice overview of my current works. In the upper left is a small Rothlo Response; upper right see a medium sized work of my Colorist American Landscapes; at the lower left is a color study in my sketch book.

Groovy stuff, but the big news is that I just got my new set of pastels! I know, I know - I told you I was house happy!

I have been meaning to try Terry Ludwig's pastels for some time now, and I had just discovered that my ultramarines seem to be scattered about between my studio tray and various plein air boxes. I am working in all blue landscapes, and couldn't seem to put all of my intense ultramarine blues together.

My first-line sticks in blue are my own homemade and my Diane Townsend Terrages. I'm pretty sure I can't find the time to get down to the basement and roll some blue sticks any time soon, so I decided to give Terry's pure tones set a shot. This set is the Maggie Price Basic Values Set of 60. I can use the colors in his set to register the colors that I want to make myself (excuse meter: moderately high). Note the nifty color chart they included for registering the colors. Nice touch.

I really thought that I just made the order online yesterday, too. It's as if the diligent staff at Dakota have an underground pipeline right to my door. I'd better go out in the yard right now and probe for that secret cover they must have over the hole...

I gotta get out of the studio for a while!


Anonymous said...

Your studio looks much better then mine Casey. :)
I'll agree... about the packages.
It feels like Christmas when packages start showing up! :)
Wonderful post Casey!

Casey Klahn said...

Good thing we don't have a wider view of my studio "in transition". It will do until I can get the electricity up for real.
Then there's the new floor...

Anonymous said...

Your new toys are making me drool... they look beautiful!! ;)

Anonymous said...

LOLOL If I had my own studio Casey. I'd just let the paint drip on the floor. I think that looks sooo kewl! Plus, there is no worrying about cleaning up the paint!

Casey Klahn said...

So you're the one who left that slobber in there.
You will have the studio some day. I know it.

jafabrit said...

Enjoyed looking at your work area.
Oh, your Colorist American Landscapes make me melt, they are just sooooooo beautiful. The blues are gorgeous.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Corrine. You made my Monday.
I haven't said much about that table. It is home made, and stands 36" tall (waist height) x 2' x 7'. I found the scrap melamine top in my in-laws' barn. Of course, those of you with a farming background won't be surprised to know what I had to clean off of it - has to do with cats. Say no more. Simple green, then Febreeze, then simple green, then Febreeze, then bleach.
Anyway, the depth is perfect for the palette tray, plus a little front space for working palettes and junking-up. The width at 7 feet is awesome for laying out more trays, notes, studies, and whatever.

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