19 July, 2007

Der Farbenkünstler

Der Farbenkünstler

That's the German for The Colorist. This is a shameless post to try and net more readers from Germany. Do you ever look at your StatCounter and groove on all of the places that your readers come from?

I notice a number of things about my StatCounter. It doesn't catch all of the lurks out there. I wonder what the percentage of captures to misses is? It reveals that my audience (all of our audiences, probably) is heavily balanced with Americans. No doubt, the English-language is responsible. But, the plain fact is that Americans are "hooked-up" to the Internet in large numbers.

Speaking of English, the UK, is a large percentage of my non-American readers. Also a goodly amount of New Zealanders and Aussies. But, that stuff makes sense, given language. Canada is a little under-represented, but one forgets that Canada has a large land-mass, and a small population (my idea of heaven on Earth).

Now, this is interesting. I have a very good amount of Italian readers, and a fair amount of Spanish. Also Romania, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Poland, France, you get the idea. In fact, Europe is very well hooked-up, as they say. But way under-represented is Germany. I think that's odd, given the size and economy of Germany. Where are you, German readers?

I wonder sometimes if the German ISPs just do a really great job of hiding their referrals. Any ideas out there?

So, I am trolling for German readers here, as an experiment. I can't wait to see what happens. BTW, it has been said that Berlin is a world center for modern art, which is another reason for my curiosity about this.

I might as well list some of my other fun "hits" from the StatCounter. Those who read here that have mega-audiences, like Katherine and William, will be bored silly by this. But my readership is pretty modest. I am pleased when I see the ticks of page loads go over a hundred, and the Unique Visits go over 60 or 70. My averages are 70+ loads and 40+ UVs. I suppose a guy could spend more time on promotion, but that would come out of my content-producing time. To say nothing of my time in the studio!

Other interesting hits:

Brunei ( I have a "brush with fame" relating to the Sultan, but I'll save that for another post)
Anywhere in the Middle East
The Ukraine
Japan (not surprising)

My favorite all-time visit came from the Guggenheim Museum in Venice. That was a spit-your-coffee at the the CRT moment. In case anyone wants to know, I am open to the Venice Biennale...anybody? Anybody?
(Sound of an echo chamber here)


vivien said...

I like checking too! and stats counter gives such detailed info :)

- I'm very curious as to why a gallery in Dublin regularly checks in - a bored worker lurking in work time? and imminent offer of a sellout solo show ... maybe not!

I seem to have some in Germany but nothing like in other areas

Casey Klahn said...

Ha! Send them a packet(Dublin).
I should say that I have had maybe 2 -3 hits from Berlin over the whole time I've been blogging. Very slim.

Casey Klahn said...

UK, UK, France, Barbados, Spain, The Netherlands, Venezuela, Sweden...
Germany? Hello, Germany!

Gesa said...

Hi Casey,
thanks for your comment on my blog... tut mir leid... though I am from Germany, your stats counter will only show UK, cos that's where I've lived for the past ten years... English is the language I use for my art work, so I can't even say that I've checked out German blogs (though I've found quite a few complaints by German bloggers on Technorati or Feedburner forums... guess, that may be true to stereotype...); if you're looking for a few tags in German: Farbenlehre is colour theory; Pastellkreide is pastel... good luck! Gesa

Casey Klahn said...

Bingo! I'll be trying those links soon, Gesa.
Readers: if you haven't seen Gesa's wonderful new blog, Paint and Pastel, do so now.

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