15 August, 2007

Out of Pocket

My Booth

Home via the Sawtooths in Idaho

Like all of you, I have the summer to enjoy. I'll be "Out of Pocket" for another week while my family and I go to the lake for "Family Camp".

See you next week!


Anonymous said...

You go and have a great time Casey! I will miss your intellegent and kind words of wisdom. :) Your work looks great on display by the way!

Robyn Sinclair said...

Casey - I don't think 'Out of Pocket' can mean these same thing in our places of origin. I saw 'Out of Pocket' and I thought you were going to confess to an enormous loss on your road show. The booth looks fabulous, by the way. But I'm still trying to work out what 'Out of Pocket' means to you.
Looks like a beautiful place to holiday.

Casey Klahn said...

I did have a great time, Angela!
Well, Robyn, the newest trendy phrase in the USA is "Out of Pocket", which I think means unavailable to technology (e-mail, cell, or blog, etc.).
I get a tongue in cheek kick out of over-used new phrases, don't you?
I had the best Bellevue in six years, and a matching result at Park City. I'm very happy about those.
Sun Valley was even money (we call it "break even" when we cover the trip costs only). It's endlessly fascinating to try and figure out these show results. One observation I make is that I am a known quantity at the first two (having done each for @ 6 years) and I was new at SV and they also changed venues - having moved the whole location of their fair across town. That has, in common wisdom, a bad effect for art fairs. Looks to be the case this time, as those who netted well at SV were "newsworthy" exceptions.
I won't cry in my soup. though! Two really incredible shows, and a down-payment on future benefits in Ketchum (Sun Valley).
The SV fair is a high stature event, so I can count myself happy to have been there.

Making A Mark said...

Casey - good to hear you'll be back to 'normal' blogging soon

I'm intrigued by your framing of pastels - as I am sure will other people. Can you do a very detailed blog post sometime soon?

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks for the prompt re: my framing.
I often joke that my wife, Lorie, is the framer and the business photographer; I'm just the artists!
I certainly need the ideas, as my slate mentally is blank. My art inventory is very bleak, (sold through) and my jpeg file of new works is zero.
An opportunity for me? Probably so.

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