20 September, 2007

New Logo

Logo: Casey Klahn, New School Color

The thing about going with a logo, is that you really ought to "nail it" the first time. Maybe that's one thing that has kept me from deciding to field one. But, since this gallery packet project is now officially keeping me up at night, I think the timing is right to "brand" my business mailings.

It's hard, don't you think, to distill a whole body of art into one "blurb" image? So, going out on a limb here, I chose this abstract image that I drew at a workshop a couple of years ago. It very much says "color", and yet it doesn't pin me down to any one of my landscapes. And, at the same time, it is an artwork, rather than a symbol or construct of some letters.

I don't have a background in graphic art, although when I took the Famous Artist's School course (I was @ 10 years old), the focus was on commercial art. It's a whole different discipline than fine art, but there is some cross over.


colorspeaker said...

I love this! Your work has become such a source of meaningful inspiration for me. Thank Goodness you share your talent. It seems to just keep growing every time I stop by!
Your humble artlover/blogger, via: "the east coast,"

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Julianne. I appreciate the kudos on my art.

I am beating my head against the wall for being so involved in promotion, when I really want and need to be in the studio. So, your kindness helps.

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