30 September, 2007

Starbucks & Moleskine Sketching

Starbucks @ "The Y", Spokane
September 29th, 2007
Graphite in Moleskine
8.25'" x 10"
Casey Klahn

Here is an interior that Americans are familiar with. I look and see a lot I could've done differently. Whats more, I forgot my eraser, and only had the little bitty one that comes on the end of a standard school pencil. My sketching pencil is an all graphite one, which has no wood case. But, that's what sketching is all about. Mistakes yes, but impressions absolutely!

I would make sure that the table standards don't line up, and I would omit the wooden box that hides the computer that is floating in the upper right and blocking the baristas' heads. I would "push" some things, and "pull" others. Anyway - I have to get used to posting these Moleskine sketches, warts and all!


Anonymous said...

I do recognize that scene!

There is a great essence to the eraserless sketch, and there is courage in posting it. :D

Robyn Sinclair said...

Casey, there is such an easy, fluid style to your sketch. I could work for an hour and never achieve that. Delightful.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Meg & Robyn.

Slowly, I am getting back "into" sketching as a pastime.

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