20 October, 2007

If I Were Rothko

6.5" x 4"
Original Pastel
10 June 2007
Casey Klahn

The image above was part of my Rothko study earlier in the year.

This blog is getting hits at Google with this quote by me:
Does it serve the artist to know about color theory, or to hold an opinion about which theory he finds correct? I tend to think the answer is no. More on why I feel that way later.
Of course it serves to know color theory when mixing paint, or establishing a mood in an illustration or a narrative piece. Actually, the times when knowing the science of color serves the artist at his craft are numerous. But that's just it: craft. The mystical quality that floats the painting up into what we describe as fine art is where we part ways with the science of color.

How did the artist establish that setting or feeling in a particular work? Was it done with algorythms and juxtapositions? Did it emanate from his soul? For sure it had less to do with the science of color placement, and more to do with the heart.

That's my opinion on color theory.


vivien said...

'For sure it had less to do with the science of color placement, and more to do with the heart'.

my opinion too :)

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Vivien!

Anonymous said...

It is definintley about heart, emotion, and imagination. However, knowing color theory and its science can help with the execution.

My paintings never turn out the way they look in my head. It's because of my ignorance and inexperience, which includes color. If I knew more about color, composition, etc, I'd be a more efficient artist.

Casey Klahn said...

Know the truths of color, but tinker around...

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