23 October, 2007

New Book

My new drawing book purchase has made it's way (by pony express) all the way to Spokane. Now, it will ride with the passengers and mail bag on the stagecoach to my little stop in the country.

The book is:
Classical Drawing Atelier
A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Studio Practice
Juliette Aristides

I will be able, I hope, to dive into the Atelier as part of my intentions to get back to realist figures. This will be my "hobby," since the strong art statement that my Colorist American Landscapes makes satisfies my fine art side, for now. Another hobby of mine is plein air work.

Don't forget to drop me an e-mail with your post address if you would like my new card, free. Of course, I don't share your address with anyone, and you will be on my humble mailing list. My e-mail is in the right marginal part of this blog page. Thanks!

And by the way, I will be reviewing the book for the drawing book review project coordinate with Making a Mark.


Lisa B. said...

Casey, I'm really going to enjoy following your journey into figure drawing. I'd like to improve my own figures, so be advised that there's at least one person in the cyber-studio who will be hanging on your every word. :)

I'm looking forward to your review!

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Lisa.

The book did come on it's appointed rounds and is certainly eye candy for the lover of classical, renaissance and contemporary figurative drawing.

It comes with a pact to draw with discipline, though. The Atelier concept, you know.

Don't tempt me to start another process blog. "Atelier," cyber style? Sounds counter to the studio theories, but who knows? Nothing ventured...

jafabrit said...

This book looks really good, looking foward to seeing what comes out of it.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Corrine. Reading about the Golden Mean, now...

Making A Mark said...

I'll be interested to read your review of this one Casey. I'm extending the review into November as I'm nowhere near finished!

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