15 November, 2007

Genius Widget

Genius cuts two ways, sometimes. I added this widget to my right column:
The Blog Readability Test - What level of education is required to understand your blog?
If you dare to follow the link, you may add the URL of your blog in a window, and a mysterious calculator will score your efforts.

Since it looks like a total gimmick, I decided to try a few other URLs just to see if everyone gets a "genius" score. First, I entered the well-known blog that won best blog in last year's Weblog Awards, just to see if there was a political slant to this thing. In my cunning, I thought that this would show prejudice. That one scored low: High School. Hmmn, I liked this widget.

Then I tested a few of my peers. Undisclosed results showed a range of scores. Alright, my blog scores "genius". On the one hand, give yourself a big pat on the back if you're a regular reader of The Colorist. You read at a genius level. On the other hand, if I were truly a "genius", I would be writing this blog at a Junior High School level, so that I would have more readers.

BTW, I have had the standard set of I.Q. tests, and they are mildly gratifying. My wife is smarter than I, and over the years I have noticed that quite a few of my friends are, too. Lucky me.


Robyn Sinclair said...

This is very amusing, Casey. My blog is rated genius and Dermott (our Old English Sheep Dog) is College Undergraduate! It is probably all the fart jokes he makes!

Making A Mark said...

Now that IS interesting.

Both of mine came out at undergrad level which I'm not unhappy about.

Casey Klahn said...

Poor old Mcdermott. Some day he will graduate college.

I look to you as my model blogger, Katherine. This puts the "bunk" to the test, IMHO.

Roulette, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Sweet, I'm in good company. ;) I knew all your readers were brainy.

Casey Klahn said...

For those of you who don't know Meg Lyman, she is the model genius reader/blogger. Creative, and smart, too.

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