23 November, 2007

Happy Black Friday

Here is a shout out to all of my people in the retail industry on this Black Friday. I toiled in retail, myself, for something over twenty years and it is a memorable piece of my life's history. Please try to be kind to those clerks and managers who shovel goods during the bust Christmas season. Maybe even thank them if you notice good performance - I always do. And when I receive substandard service? Well, at least at Christmas time I try to be a little more gracious than the rest of the year!

On subject, I am warming up to the very popular blog, Lines and Colors, by Charlie Parker. Early in my blogging I found it, but sort of overlooked it as a drawing or illustration blog. Turns out that I am returning to my own drawing roots as part of my own process, and it also turns out that Parker's blog covers a broader, more eclectic set of art subjects than I originally thought. That's a nice discovery.

Speaking of art topics, the magazine Contemporary Art Gallery (CAGZINE) is a fine read and I recommend it for modern art and artists content. I found it through Giselle Borzov, whose blog Art Now is a regular read of mine. Read this article where Cagzine celebrates it's one year anniversary, which I will also do in a couple of weeks here at The Colorist. Read this article to gain an understanding of their content and direction.

Looking forward at The Colorist, I am about to reveal a new tool that I hope will become a meme for art blogs in the broad community. It will be known as the Art Link Letter, and looks to be a great opportunity for artists to gather blog traffic, and admirers to search a list of sites of interest to the artists linked through the "letter".

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