05 December, 2007

Fine Crafts


Here at the Klahn
household, we collect fine crafts. Raku pottery is our favorite, and handmade quilts are even-up with that. My goal is to start on an art glass collection.

All of this to say that I love Fine Crafts, but haven't had any links to craft blogs in my blogroll. I did try to right this a while back, and went searching for the websites/blogs of my friends who do pottery, and not a single one had a web presence. So, I put the project on hold.

Today you will see the beginnings of my craft links in my blogroll area. Hoo-ray for Cynthia! Anyone know how to shrink these data fields on the right margin of the blog? I want to keep the links big, but wish to shrink/truncate my labels, which look way out of control.

Admin Note:

Laketrees has listed your favorite blog, The Colorist, in the Top 40 of the Top 101 Artist's Blogs. I still don't know how she compiles her data, but I'll take it.

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Cynthia said...

I'm so honored to be the one and only fine craft blogger on your list! Thank you.

There's a few potters & lots of jewelers, but not as many as painters and other fine artists.

Casey Klahn said...

You are more than welcome, Cynthia.
The art fairs that I do are predominately showing craftsmen. Pottery ranks among the earliest arts, IMO. The receptacle that one ground one's pigment in?

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