27 December, 2007

Five Things You Don't Know About me

My Grandfather, Max Klahn, is the young boy pictured @ the top right. See a story about him below. Next to him at his left are Henry, my Great Grandfather and Charlotte, my Great Grandmother. Location: Quillayute Prairie, WA. Date: 1895. This God-forsaken place is about the rainiest spot in the US, and less than 5 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean. And we love it there.

Here is my response to the tag meme where I'm supposed to name Five Things You Don't Know About Me. I was tagged by Alyson and when I read my tag mates' links I was rather shocked to be in such classy company.

I pre-heat my coffee cup in the morning before I put the coffee in.

I was an Infantry Captain in the Army National Guard.

My German immigrant Grandfather, Max Klahn (1879-1937), periodically walked over a hundred miles down the rugged Washington Coastline to go to work during the Great Depression. There was no road whatsoever, and the beach hiking involved paying Indians to raft you across the rivers that you couldn't ford. He had thirteen children.

My father, maternal grandfather, older brother and I used to go to work in the woods (AKA logging) when I was four years old. I remember mud-holes that would mire us, and nearly swallow the trucks.

On our honeymoon, Lorie and I were bumped upstairs at the grandest hotel in Seattle because I knew someone in management there. It turned out to be the Presidential Suite, their best room. The loose-lipped luggage boy let me know that the last two to stay in the room were: Janet Jackson, and before that the Sultan of Brunei. The Sultan didn't stay, though, because there was no kitchen. Yeah, but there was a bathroom the size of a semi. Oh, I forgot - there were two of those!

I think I've only been tagged a couple of times, so I'm not tired of them like some of you are. Anyway, if you are wanting to opt out, please do so. Otherwise, my victims are:

Kim Coles
Charley Parker
Gabriella Jonsson

Margaret Dyer
Gesa Helms


jafabrit said...

What a great family photograph. I enjoyed reading your meme :)

all the best for the New Year
cheers Corrine

imwithsully said...

Thanks for tagging me. Since I had just done a "5 things" list a few weeks ago, I started my own meme to try and be a little more creative when talking about myself. Your list is quite interesting.

Kris Cahill said...

I like your blog, how beautiful. I also love color, it's a language to me, so I am happy to find you. I will visit often. I agree, more color in 2008, (for me too.)
Happy New Year!

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Corrine, Kim and glad to meet you, Kris.

Gesa said...

Hi Casey - many thanks for the tag - I noticed it a wee while back but am a bit hesitant at the moment: think I just got a phase of publicity anxiety ;) but I'm sure it'll pass, once I know that all my relatives have checked out the blog and disappeared again... lol

Gabriella jonsson said...

How nice you liked my work! I discovered it just now! I work mostly with oil pastels for the moment. And I really like your artworks!

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