21 December, 2007

January - Perspectives on the Landscape - Karlson/Gray Gallery

The Karlson/Gray Gallery, in the Seattle-area town of Langley, WA, is posting it's Perspectives on the Landscape exhibit. The hanging will be January 4-30, 2008.

The following blurb was posted at the KGG website:

Casey Klahn, of Davenport, WA is the invitational artist in the show. His pastel work focuses on a few intuitive color choices and simple, linear shapes. Other artists in the show include Michael Croman, Doug Ealley, Maryanne Gardener, James Hardman, Pete Jordan, Bruce Morrow, Cheri O’Brien, Karen Schroeder, and Beverly Shaw Starkovich.

Those who can make it will be in for a treat.


vivien said...

the black really adds to the glow of your work :)

Casey Klahn said...

Thank, Vivien.

People who read here @8-9 months ago remember when I had a blue-gray background @ The Colorist. I axed it when I discovered that white represents the values of the art best. IMO, black brings down the values, but Vivien's point about intensity has merit, too.

It's good to have one's art featured on other sites, for a fresh perspective.

jafabrit said...

I am with vivien, the black really makes the whole presentation look classy and pop. Of course it helps that the image is just gorgeous :)

Casey Klahn said...

Kind words much appreciated, Corrine.

That art is hung in my front room, now. After Christmas, it'll come down and be off to the gallery for January.

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