03 December, 2007


10.5" x 7.5"
Soft Pastel
Casey Klahn

Before the era of the personal computer, we used to describe being overloaded by yelling: "tilt!" It had something to do with arcade games. And, it describes my artist's life at the moment. Gallery show in a month, magazine interview, slide deadlines, electricity projects in my new studio and in my home at the same time, winter storms coming through, and on and on.

Yesterday we were sans the Internet due to weather, and also had a blackout for a couple of hours. Just when I had to change into wool socks, the lights came back on.

On the near horizon in blogland, I want to offer the following content:

Northwest School artists, such as Tobey and Callahan
Drawing book reviews of the Classical Drawing Atelier and Figure Drawing, Anthony Ryder
Drawing projects in my Moleskine and also "Cast" studies of my deer skull collection
A whole separate list for Pastel
The Colorist 1-year Anniversary

Meanwhile, my "Link Farm" experiment is going very well with the Art Link Letter generating page loads and Technorati authority like a charm. But don't worry, I still intend to offer content worthy of your readership. As a for instance, the artwork posted today is posted at this blog for the first time.


jafabrit said...

some of my recent entries are not longer listed on google blog search? you think any connection to art link.

Casey Klahn said...

Like a penalty for link farming? I can't imagine the ALL being any different than one's blogroll - just positioned within a post.
Anyway, I don't use google as a tool for my blog tracking. For one thing, "The Colorist" is a totally unique term and it always ranks all over Google page one for it's search. Otherwise, I am ignorant (unfortunately) of how to use google blog search to establish a rank.
My Statcounter measures are spiked.

Casey Klahn said...

I looked up my post titles on Google blogs search and found the text of my posts at a dog products blog!

jafabrit said...

all your posts with the links were showing on google blog search and then they disappeared too. I use google blog search a lot to find blogs of interest. Not sure about its value for establishing rank though.

I did read up on it and they don't seem to take kindly to link farms or whatever they call it. My feeling though is there is nothing wrong with putting on links that are relevant to the subject and art. So I will continue adding your link and others to the end of some of my blog entries, but not as a link letter per se.

Casey Klahn said...

That's good research, Corrine. I DO want to be loved for content, and NOT tricks, but on the other hand, I don't see these links as being any different than Digg or other link-based/tag-based tools. To tell the truth, the only real worry I have is the design look of the thing.

If Google is gigging me for link farming, my first response is to take away the words "Viral" and "Link" from the wording.

Thanks again, and please bring more input, everyone. Anyone got an ethics issue with the Art Link Letter? I'd like to know.

jafabrit said...

I can't assume or presume that the art link has anything to do with missing blog entries (they show up on technorati though), just seems like a coincidence that the posts that had them no longer show up. My newest blog entry is showing up fine.

I basically feel the same way as you, there are many artists blogs I enjoy and sharing links to them seems quite appropriate to the subject of my blog.

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