08 February, 2008

Jafabrit Wins Award

The Art Medal

It gives me great pleasure to inaugurate The Art Medal and award the first one to Jafabrit, CorrineBayraktaroglu, of Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Her online portfolio is here. She originates from England and had an artist's upbringing in that her mother was an artist. She came seriously to art making after the age of 40, and the maturity of her art shows because of this.

Our decorated artist is known for eclectic art, art philanthropy and is a community organizer for art concerns. If you reside in the Yellow Springs area, you may discover one of her creations in the nook of a tree or tucked beside the mailbox.

Her freedom of spirit is expressed in an art that approaches the disturbing, but never crosses that threshold. Instead, you are mesmerized and need to see more. No respecter of the figure, face or creature, she nonetheless offers these elements of her art as emblems of feelings. Her idea is to eschew medium as too limiting, but instead builds her artworks around subjects. She says,
"This allows form to be dictated by the content and not restricted by discipline."

Corrine's courage in making, presenting and giving her art to the world has distinguished her, and it is a pleasure to recognize her for these reasons.

The citation follows:

Please take the time to vote the poll in my right hand column if you want to help name this new medal.


jafabrit said...

I am a bit speechless! This is really cool. A lot of thought and time went into this. It really is touching, thank you Casey, it means a lot to me :)

Casey Klahn said...

Well, Corrine, you are one cool artist who puts a lot of effort into what makes your art stand out.


Unknown said...

Bravo! Sorry to enter the hall late, but what you hear in the background is the whole tribe applauding and me leading them on.
Congrats to Jafa and a tip of our collective hats to the nomminating and award commitee(Casey)for making an outstanding choice.
I was going to have the tribe vote on a name for the medal, but like usual they`re split.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, John. I had to choose someone who would elicit an obvious agreement from the crowd. Corrine's choice was a "no brainer," as they say.

I tried to show in the previous post how medals are more nineteenth century types of things, and the Michael Jackson photo illustrates the state of a culture that has traveled a ways since then!

Somehow the extra effort was required in order to establish a "next level" of blog awards.

After I posted it, I began to wonder if Jafabrit would take one of these B&W photos of an old lady wearing a medal and create an image from it. Old photos really evoke strong sentiments, even if one doesn't know the subjects.

jafabrit said...

I don't need the old photo Casey, I got me ;) I will print it out and wear it proudly. when I do I will send you a pic.

Beverly Kaye said...

I love your idea of making an art medal. I received one for my website years ago and was beyond proud. Every artist (and dealer) needs affirmation and I'm sure your recipiants are very honored.

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