17 February, 2008

Studio Update

And now, time for an pictorial update in the studio.

Organization Low

I bought a new easel that is a table top style with hinges (not shown). It will be used for large, full sheet work, believe it or not. The studio trailer ceiling is too low for extending the masts on my regular easels! I may mount the new easel on the wall, or I may design a way to mount it on my largest easel, which is still in the house.
The insulation you see is an area waiting for a sheet of drywall so that I will have a white wall to show framed art against.

Snow Deep

Although we are plowed out, the thaw will likely wash out our gravel road. The travails of winter in the north country! New snow fell last night, which I hope will slow the thaw a little.
This photo looks north, where you can almost see Canada (with a little imagination).

Creative Spark High

With organizational hassles, weather worries and personal challenges (I have a day operation on Wednesday the 20th) it is a challenge to get to the studio. Still, I seem to be out there daily!
January and February have been great months for the Studio Klahn as regards patronage, and I am thankful for that.
Time for another pain pill, now. The op will put me out-of-action for a few weeks, possibly. But, I hope to be able to stand at the easel, at least.

Administrative Note: Either there is an enormous increase in interest in J Polock (intentional misspelling) in blog-land, or my post of JP references, dated 4 may, 2007 is involuntarily loading on my readers' browsers. Is this happening to you? I'll admit, it was a very well written and informative post, but I wonder if a something is wrong.


Robyn Sinclair said...

I'm very excited to hear some large, full sheet work is being planned! I really think your work deserves it, Casey and that it will open new doors (and walls) for you.

Sorry to hear you are still in pain. It will be great to have that behind you.

Still looks like a beautiful Winter Wonderland out your window!

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Robyn.

Unknown said...

A saw for the mast or the ceiling. Your computer must have some kind of a Polock virus. We had snow down here in Tucson. Not much, but it tried. I like your new Klahn clones. Very nice demonstrations.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, John. I just finished, I think, a spin off original based on lessons from the WK project. I'll try to post it as soon as I can get the photog to work.

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