13 February, 2008

Wolf Kahn Project 2

After Wolf Kahn, #2
6" x 9.5"
Pastel on Paper
Casey Klahn

The Wolf Kahn Project will be posting here at The Colorist instead of at Pastel from now on. My intention has been to keep the general art and process stuff here, and my pastel art (especially "off target" art) over at Pastel.

Also, I am beginning another new topic thread at Pastel, which will be tips & techniques oriented. It will be a toe-dip into teaching basic pastel techniques. My e-mails and comments there have indicated the demand, and so I am going in that direction.

A couple of things that I am discovering about my WK Project are:
  • Since my paintings already explore WK's color directions, and since I wish to scan these project drawings, I will be focusing my study on techniques of application, subjects and linear/mass compositional aspects and not much on color.
  • The current study is focused on mark making, but as I do this I am made more aware of his broad compositional inquiries.
  • Because subject is a big element, I may be moving very quickly to my own original subjects. Those will have objective titles, instead of "After WK," etc.


Shop Girl said...

Um.... like it. A lot.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Patty.

Casey Klahn said...

The color isn't very accurate, but it'll do for this project. Usually we use the D80, rather than the scanner.

Anonymous said...

Love those colors.

Casey Klahn said...

The top half are WK's colors, but I free-formed the bottom (under the foliage and the foreground).

Thanks, Meg.

imwithsully said...

Look at this!!!!! Amazing colors!!

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Kim.

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